Operative Rental

The VGM Solution provides its customers the opportunity to take advantage of the solutions proposed through Operative Rental

What do we mean by operating rental?

Leasing is a commercial transaction by which the user has the availability of an asset for a determined period of time against a periodic fee commensurate with the value in use of the asset itself.

Differences between operating and leasing rentals

Benefits of operating rental


  • Full and immediate deductibility of fees for IRES and IRAP purposes
  • Absence of amortization and asset management


  • Possession and use of the property, not property
  •  Maintenance of liquidity
  •  Increase of spending capacity
  •  Fixed and scheduled costs
  • Alternative credit lines


  • Improvement of cash flow
  • Well not registered in the budget
  • No reports in the Central Risks
  • Bank disintermediation


  • Duration aligned with the life cycle of the asset
  • Zero risk of obsolescence
  • Technological renewal opportunities
  •  Expansion of the contract
  • Assurance of the asset
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